Double Suction Diffusers

Double Suction Diffusers

Explore our range of double section diffusers designed for efficient fluid flow in hydronic systems. Our offerings are engineered for precision and reliability, making them ideal for HVAC, industrial applications, and more. Discover how our double section diffusers can improve your systems.

Protect your Pump

The Double Suction Diffuser is your solution for a right-angle transition into any large pump. Its integrated straightening vane reduces turbulence at the pump impeller to reduce cavitation. The cylindrical strainer is mounted horizontally so that water will pass through its ends and out its face, shown in the middle diagram. This maintains a robust strainer geometry at all times. In traditional Suction Diffusers, as shown in the far right photo, large amounts of strained material can build up on the outside edge of the strainer near the pump. If the force of the buildup becomes too great, the strainer can deflect at its edge and pass that material into the pump impeller, potentially causing damage.


Flexible Strainer Access

The strainer on the Double Suction Diffuser can be removed from either side. Mechanical rooms can be more flexibly designed than with traditional Suction Diffusers, where the strainer can only be removed from the back. If you’re looking to provide maximum protection for your large pump, consider the benefits of the Double Suction Diffuser!

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