Hydronic Indication Systems

Hydronic Indication Systems

Explore our selection of advanced Hydronic Indicators and Trumpet Valves designed to provide accurate and real-time insights into your hydronic systems’ performance. Our hydronic indicators are engineered to deliver precise monitoring, helping you optimize efficiency and maintain reliable operations. Explore our product offerings below and gain better control over your hydronic systems.

Read Pressures with Ease and Confidence

Hydronic Indication Systems consist of Indicators and Trumpet Valves to provide accurate pressure indicators where necessary. We provide full systems or individual Indicators and Trumpet Valves along with their connectors and mounting brackets.

Among other, the Hydronic Indicator is designed to read pressures at the:

  1. Pump suction
  2. Pump discharge
  3. Suction diffuser or strainer inlet
  4. Downstream side of balance valve
  5. Coil supply and return
  6. Chiller supply and return
  7. Condenser supply and return

The Hydronic Indicator System, of which the Indicator is an integral part, makes possible the exact determination of a system curve on any hydronic system.

The Trumpet Valve

When introduced to the Hydronic system, the Hydronic Trumpet Valve® actually becomes a manifold. The design of the Trumpet Valve® makes possible the joining of pressure points on any hydronic system. From here each reading is taken separately simply by pushing a button. Pulsation on the indicator is eliminated by this push button design.

The Trumpet Valve®, available in two to four individual valves, is of rugged one-piece brass construction with a built-in test port connection for calibration of the Hydronic Indicator. The Hydronic Indicator, readable to one half foot, combined with the unique design features of the Trumpet Valve® becomes a system superior to all gauge installations.

System Components

Hydronic Indicator and Trumpet Valve Specifications

The Hydronic Indicator meets ASA Grade A specifications for pressure gauges, accurate to 1/2%. The case is 4 ½” diameter, stem mounted, heavy steel with a polycarbonate lens. The dial features a compound scale calibrated both in pounds and feet from full vacuum to your selected pressure, and quick-set dial for pressure comparison.

The Trumpet Valve is of rugged brass construction with ports for connection to the system at desired points. It features a test port connection for gauge calibration. A heavy-duty bracket and mounting hardware is supplied with the valve for mounting to system piping or nearby structural supports.

Application & Installation Instructions

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