About Flow Conditioning

Flow Conditioning Corp. was established by Joe Blackmore and Gordon Glunt to introduce new innovations to the hydronics industry. The founders of the manufacturer’s rep Blackmore and Glunt, Inc., saw opportunities to improve the equipment in the mechanical room, and their visions continue to leave their mark on buildings across America.

In 1961, Joe and Gordon integrated a strainer into the centrifugal air separator, creating the Rolairtrol. In 1965, they created the Suction Diffuser by introducing straightening vanes into a 90 degree elbow. These inventions quickly rose to ubiquity when Bell & Gossett bought the patents and began mass production.

In 1971, Gordon and Joe expanded upon the Suction Diffuser by developing the Double Suction Diffuser. The larger sizes and more robust strainer design filled a niche as a flow-straightening elbow for large pumps.

In 1972, the Hydronic Indicator System was patented. Using one highly accurate gauge, operators could now measure several pressure points around the pump and its nearby equipment at the press of a button on the Trumpet Valve.

In 1996 John and Gordon Glunt invented a new fitting, deemed the Flange Adapter, intended to shrink the gap created by a flanged pipe size increaser.

Today, Flow Conditioning continues to produce the tried-and-true products patented in-house. The Double Suction Diffusers, Hydronic Indicators, and Flange Adapters are machined and assembled in St. Louis, MO, using castings from American foundries.

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