Flange Adapters

Flange Adapters

Discover our range of space-saving flange adapters designed to provide secure and reliable connections in various industrial and fluid system applications. Our flange adapters are engineered for precision and durability, ensuring leak-free connections and efficient fluid transfer. Explore our product options below to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Why the Flange Adapter?

Flange Adapters are designed to connect differently sized flanged piping components together in a minimum face-to-face dimension. They are equipped with tapped holes for connection to 125# ANSI flanges using cap screws or studs and nuts of the size specified for the mating flange. They are particularly advantageous in limited spaces such as equipment rooms and frame-mounted packages for interconnection of valves, strainers, flexible connectors, etc.

Reduce your Piping Footprint in Tight Spaces

The Flange Adapter allows you to create a pipe reduction using several times less real estate. This comes in especially handy in tight spaces such as mechanical rooms and packaged systems. At left, the Flange Adapter creates the same 5″ to 4″ ANSI Flange size reduction as a traditional reducer using 26% of the space. Not to mention the convenience of simple installation with threaded bolt holes and no required welding. The Flange Adapter is a great way for contractors to reduce their time in the field.

System Components

Flange Adapter Information Sheet

Explore our offering of Flange Adapters at the link below. We stock several sizes at our warehouse in St. Louis, MO for immediate shipment!

Application & Installation Instructions

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